My Brother

Today was the day my brother came back home from the United Kingdom, mum said
to dress in our nicest clothes and then we would hurry down to the airport. As we were
in the car I started to think what I would say to him, like how was it and did you make
any friends? We picked him up and went home. I said to him if he would like some
toast, he said yes so I put two slices of bread. I take out the jar of Vegemite and start to
spread it, then out of nowhere this happened. ’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’

The Move

Mmmmmm. The sun is shining and the wind is still, as I breath through the soft air. ‘’ Rogger! Get back to work, if you want this park done pick up the pace!’’ Said Tom. I stop breathing and start thinking, oh yeah I have to finish the pathway. As I lay down the green mossy cement I see a black baby cat trying to catch a butterfly. As I make that sudden move I hit the lever of the cement truck without notice. I stand tall of what I have done, then-! I got covered in cement my pals start to pull and rip but it is no use.

The Desk

Monday: I sit on the red desk.
Tuesday: I sit on the blue desk
Wednesday: I sit on the green desk
Thursday: I sit on the orange desk
Friday: I didn’t know what desk to pick so I choose a desk with all the colours on there. Then all of a
sudden the desk started to blabbering out words, the orange one spoke first then the green, blue
and last the red. As I write my English assessment the orange puts me on a bad mood because how I
didn’t pick it. Well after that I pack my things and went to sit on the grey desk.

The Game

I am currently watching my brothers soccer game, it’s a sunny day and first half and it’s a tie 4-4. It is a intense game but sadly they lost, as we were walking out of the stadium I try telling him all the amazing things he did. Like ‘’ You kicked that ball so hard!’’ And ‘’I’ve never seen you done that!’’ But nothing works. Were nearly there to the car, I make the Decision and whisper it to mum. She nods and I run, as I come I seen the look of my brothers face. It was frightening! But its not until I hand him a brown ballon