The Bush

I wake up feeling energetic and wanting to wast all of that energy by hiking out in the open.
As I get up, get change then have my breakfast I lock the door and begin my hike. As I walk I past bushes, birds, butterflies, winds, squirrels, squeaks and breathing. I stop, a big bush in front of me, I push it and shove it try and bite it free but no use. But I see a way in, I go in there is a big brown grey tall building, it was so big and tall, I went home.

The Moon 3

As I wake up I am in the middle of the road I blink then blink a few more times then releasing ‘‘What am I doing here?!’’ A car comes a flash of light then darkness, I can’t take it anymore. I run to the nearest store then slam the door wide open then run to the front counter. Before I can say anything the woman starts to scream and runs the back door, I stand there in confusion then look through the mirror. I then realise why she screamed I run out looking for people willing to help but they just run away in fear.

The Moon 2

Then Black! I start painting and blinking the suddenly, darkness
enveloped the room. As I see the last bit of light I pass out,I
wake up thinking all the things I went through don’t continue.
Well obviously it did, as I get up I am thinking to go to bed but
something happened. It was so weird that my mind didn’t listen to
me and started walking towards the door. I tried to stop myself
but it just wouldn’t work, it was like my mind had a mind of it’s
own! It was scaring me so much that it was it I black out.