The Crash

CRASH! I wake up, walk outside my room, my little brother had just pushed over my mother’s new vase, the flowers were okay but the vase not so much. It hit the floor so hard that my mother even got up to the sound, and like all way she blames it on me. After yelling at me I don’t go back to bed because I am already awake so I go down stairs to have breakfast. I am make a mango smoothie with blueberries, Then I put my favourite Tv show on because they just added a new episode in ‘’The Explosive Day’’ it was amazing!

The Track

If you didn’t know, I am about to tell you something that you may or may not have heard or seen. And yes it is about the Tokyo Olympics, ”What happened?” You must be saying, well it happpened in the BMX warm up for Thursday competition to a Dutch rider Niek Kimmann, he accidentally hit a stranger who was passing the track, you must be like ”What, ouch! That is TERRIFYING!” Well that is what happen, but don’t worry that stranger who got hit is okay, he just go some scratches but thats all, thank you for watching tonight, goodbye!