The Experiment

SPLAT! I wipe my glasses, I have green slime all over me. Oh great an other experiment gone wrong, I really wish there was a way to get this experiment right. You see I have a dream and that is to be the best scientist in the world, but it’s not working that well. I was very overwhelmed when I won the award for discovering the missing ingredient in the frog species. I when so red when they called my name, I was burning up, I was so hot. But then I went to the bathroom to wash my face, it felt good.

The Ladder

Hello, my name is Tim James. I work as a window cleaner, so what I do is I climb a ladder and I have cleaning supplies and then start to wip the dirty windows. But one day I climb up the ladder to clean an unusual looking house. The woman is wearing a pink frilled sunglasses, she says ”Up there you have to clean, I have also supplied you with sunglasses because the sun is very bright.” I nod then walk to the ladder and then climb the ladder. I put the sunglasses on then I see the houes transformed into the sunglasses I an wearing!