The Evacuation

Beep, Beep, Beep! Sirens turn on everyone is suddenly screaming, yelling and running to the exits. I stand still in between people running. I think ‘’Why are people running, is it urgent? Or are they just afraid?’’. Then all of a sudden the evacuate lights turns even brighter! The red light make people dizzy and fall over. Then I think again ‘’why was the reason I chose to work here, was it to help people or to make people come in here and be slaves from no on? Why was I working for this industry?’’ I stand in silence.

One thought on “The Evacuation”

  1. Hi Sara! I love how your story goes very smoothly and straight forward. I also like how many thoughts the main character has. What gave you your amazing idea? I will definitely keep checking out your blog! If you want to check out mine here is the URL-
    Hope you have a great day!
    Sincerely, Lucy

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